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  • Product description: M12 Series Circular connector

  • Product description: 7/8 Series Circular Connector

  • Product description: M23 Series Circular connector

  • Product description: M16 Series Circular Connector

  • Product description: M8 Series Circular Connector

  • Product description: M Series New Products Circular Connector


Sensor Application亚博全站-官网首页

Sensors are widely applied in almost all industrial automatic applications. SIGNAL can provide different connectors & cables, which are qualified for different application environments and assembly requirements.


Machine Vision Application亚博全站-官网首页

Machine vision (MV) is the technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis for such applications as automatic inspection, process control, and robot guidance, usually in industry.


Rail Transit Application亚博全站-官网首页

In Rail Transit system, a variety of automatic equipment are involved via computer, the stable, reliable, safe connection between the equipment is very important. SIGNAL M12 series is reliable, security, easy to assembly, playing an important role in many main railways.


Marine Application亚博全站-官网首页

There are various of electronic devices are used in the network of boat, include engine instruments, navigation instruments, fish finder, GPS receivers,  autopilots, wind measurement instruments, depth sounders, multimedia displays, security systems.


Factory Automation Application亚博全站-官网首页

Factory automation is developed rapidly in these years, because of computer technology, wireless technology, field bus technology, industrial Ethernet technology, robot technology, sensor technology and security technology.


Oil & Gas Application亚博全站-官网首页

SIGNAL can provide reliable connectors and cable harness for your oil and gas exploration equipment, drilling equipment and accessories, geophysical equipment and logging equipment, petrochemical plants and other equipment.